EDITOR’S NOTE:  In this blog, you will find a list of resources, including local and national sources working on the Census as well as articles to give you context.  For a list of sources, please download this PDF USCensus source list.


There is a lot at stake for Illinois and Chicago residents in the upcoming 2020 U.S. Census count. The state receives almost $20 billion in money that is tied to this count.

And there are a multiplicity of issues — big and small — and some unique to Chicago and Illinois.

  • Are we ready at the state, county and city level for this count?
  • Will there be a citizenship question on the Census form?  If so, will that dimish response from the immigrant communities?
  • Will an undercount mean the loss of millions in funds for critical social services at a time when many are vulnerable, including veterans, young people and homeless?
  • Will Illinois lose one or two congressional seats?
  • And will county and city political seats be shifted and representation for some communities be wiped out entirely?

The April 24th event is part of Public Narrative’s ongoing ‘speed-dating’ series. These briefings are held to inform and update journalists and journalism students on stories they may be missing in the community, while introducing the journalists to a multiplicity of community resources. The format is always the same: A short panel for updates on the issue and context and the rest of the evening left open for journalists to talk individually to sources.

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