It’s not just Leslie Jones

Be prepared. That doesn't just mean scheduling your social media ahead of time. It means doing a deep dive into who you really are online. That includes thinking about how you respond in a crisis, or if someone just derails your conversation. Susy Schultz, our president, talks about how best to prepare for the worst part of social media — the haters.

Say My Name

What’s in a name? For some, not much. After all, it certainly was easy for the Chicago Tribune to erase Corey Cogdell’s name in their…

Nonprofit Support Network

Nonprofits exist to make the world a better place, to help those in need. But who helps nonprofits? In Chicago, it’s the Nonprofit Support Network.…

Songs of Healing

When you search the words “Back of the Yards” on your smartphones, what do you find? More than likely, you’ll find articles about violence. This…

Thank You

We thank you for attending the 2016 Studs Terkel Awards. Recapture the night here.