An ethnic media success story

Magda Panetlis runs the Polish Daily News. She talks about the impact Public Narrative’s ethnic and community media project had on revitalizing her news organization.

For Journalists: Download our covering violence guides

The state of police community relations is a critical issue today. We held a two-day workshop with national and local journalists on the facts, analyses and reporting strategies to make their reporting matter. There's also two guides journalists can use for covering violence.

Social media: Figures that matter to you

Is it the Likes? The followers? The hits? Or all of it that matters to you when looking at social media? What numbers do you need to pay attention to? Let’s take a walk through some of the numbers and your most frequently asked questions.

Storytelling that matters

The talk on the street, at the barbershop, at the basketball court and almost everywhere always nailed him. It was about what was going on. It was the news and he listened and joined the talk.