Whether it's a workshop on social media, communications, storytelling or Google analytics, we have a top-quality, low-cost class this year

  • May 11 & May 18
    • Digital Storytelling
      • If you don’t tell your story digitally, will anybody hear it? Whether it’s audio slide shows, video or photos, more people take time for visuals. Let’s find new ways you can tell your story through video and photos.
      • Price — Nonprofit: $195 For profit: $292.50
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  • Moved to June 8
    • Storytelling with Impact
      • How do we move our audiences to action? We must connect to them, heart-to-heart. And only great storytelling can do that effectively. Join us to learn how you can find the stories that will captivate your audience.
      • Price — Nonprofit: $95; For profit: $142.50
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  • May 25
    • Understanding Snapchat For Your Organization (NEW)
      • Is your organization serving young people? Then, you know, you gotta be where they are. And we know, they are on Snapchat, sharing 8,796 photos and stories a second. So, let’s snap to it and let us help you put Snapchat in your social media strategy. Join us for a quick “what is” and “how to” workshop on using the platform effectively.
      • Price — Nonprofit: $95; For profit: $142.50
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  • June 1
    • Lets Get Graphic (Design 101Workshop) (NEW)
      • Looking to create compelling visuals for the digital landscape in little time? In one half-day workshop, learn how to design images for social media , make your emails visually pop  and create infographics and high-def posters using a variety of different free apps and tools including Canva. 

      • Price — Nonprofit: $95; For profit: $142.50
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Fall 2016

Classes for Fall 2016 are coming soon. Want a custom, one-on-one training with us? Call us at 312-369-6400 or email to talk details.