For years, Public Narrative has not only promoted the great journalism and analysis of others, but we’ve stepped in to do original analysis if we see a void. Then, we offer this content to any news outlet hat would like to use it — asking only that you reference Public Narrative as the source.

We are able to do this thanks to some of the amazing researchers and journalists that have given us their time and talent. Below are two examples of stories we have provided to news outlets and nonprofits.

News on local news from Pew Research Center study

Earlier this year, the Pew Research Center released a major analysis of community news and a look at its reach and scope. Emily Culbertson, who authorized several major studies of the news landscape for Public Narrative, analyzed what the extensive research revealed about the future of local news.

Black-Brown coalition critical in mayoral runoff

In April, Chicago had an historical mayoral run-off election between incumbent Mayor Rahm Emanuel and Cook County Board Commissioner Jesus Garcia. Veteran journalist Glenn Reedus took a look at how the campaigns were viewing people of color as a strategic voting block and what turnout would mean for the election.