As the marketing and digital media manager at Public Narrative, I know a few things about social media and achieving success on  the platforms. In fact, I’ve been writing about social media for years on my blog, Social Media University, an outlet to be informative, bring awareness and educate others on social media.


But I stand on the shoulders of many. Some of the ideas come from me, but for some of them, I rely on material from other great social media, marketing blogs. Here are some of my favorites:


Mashable:  One of my main go-to sites, Mashable provides information about all social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Vine, etc. And those on the site are always on top of social media trends. 


Razor Social: Founded by Ian Clearly, this site offers tips on social media management and social media marketing.


Social Media Today: If you’re a newbie to social media, this website is all you need.


Beth’s Blog: Beth Kanter has it all if you are a nonprofit on social media. She gets it. And she speaks in a way that allows you to know she is one of us — a nonprofit woman. Plus, she’s a great teacher and writer.

Beth Kanter's Blog Screenshot