Daniel Ash, chief marketing officer at the Chicago Community Trust, took his first class from Public Narrative years ago, after being offered his first public relations positions.

Ash, formerly of WBEZ told his story during the 2015 Terkel Award ceremony, just before presenting her Terkel award to WBEZ’s Monica Eng. “I don’t think Susy even knows this story,” he said, “but I got my first public relations job and I thought, I really don’t know what I’m doing. So, I took a class … and another class” and learned how to be a communicator from the folks at Public Narrative.

These days, Ash communicates at a high level spreading important messages for Chicago. He has lead the Trust’s award-winning “On The Table” campaign to celebrate the organization’s 100-year anniversary. This year, 25,000 people sat down to talk about Chicago at 2,000 tables across the city — including, a group of 23 ethnic and community journalists, who sat down at Le Cecina in the Back of the Yards, to discuss ethnic and community media with Public Narrative’s Susy Schultz and Stephen Franklin.