To our Chicago community,

What can I say that you haven’t already heard about COVID-19 that would be enough to ease the pain, anxiety or distress that many of us have experienced as a result of this global pandemic?

The response of our government (or lack thereof in some cases) has left many of us unsure of who or what information to trust. At a time when vital information is treated and often referred to as fake news it’s important to remember the power and authority we each have in leading and guiding our families.

How we use the information readily available to us in the weeks to come will be the difference between life and death.

Choose life.

  • Stay calm.
  • Gather information from trusted local and national sources.
  • Assess the information shared and apply guidance, tips and solutions in a way that offers you and your loved ones the best outcomes possible.

Daily, it’s becoming more and more evident that, when the quarantine is lifted, we will return to a world forever changed by the effects of COVID-19. I can only hope that we maximize this moment of isolation to plan and prepare for better days ahead.

At some point we will leave our homes, expecting things to go back to normal. Please understand, our sense of normal has changed. The world will never look the way it once did — and that might not be a bad thing. We’ll have to adjust to the “new normal.” Like a blank canvas, it is ours to decide how we occupy that new space.

Among the many accommodations made around the public safety, public health, and public education systems, how might many of these changes be sustained?

As challenging as this process is, and will be, I certainly hope you find yourself and your loved ones healthier, stronger and equipped to brave your “new normal.”

To help, we’ve put together a dedicated COVID-19 page, complete with local and national resources to help us get through this challenging time in history:

Check it out, share it widely, and be well.

All the Best,

Jhmira Alexander
President and Executive Director
Public Narrative