After 27 years at Columbia, Public Narrative is going remote

(CHICAGO)—At the end of October 2020, Public Narrative is moving out of Columbia College, the institution it’s called home for the past 27 years. 


“We’ve been considering moving for some time now, but it’s bittersweet,” said Jhmira Alexander, Public Narrative President and Executive Director.

“The past seven months have proven that our work is not limited to a physical building. Working remotely has allowed us to reinvent ourselves by building our team, welcoming new board directors and enhancing the way we deliver social impact,” said Alexander. “We’re very grateful to Columbia for hosting us all these years. Although we’ll no longer share a physical space, we will continue to work with the college and its Media Ecosystem course.”

Public Narrative has been at Columbia since 1993, back when it was known as Community Media Workshop. The organization has been working remotely and holding events online since March 2020, and will continue to do so.

Public Narrative’s new mailing address is 1245 S. Michigan Avenue, Suite 121, Chicago, IL 60605. For more information, email or call 312-585-8441.