The all-counts guilty verdict was an important victory in the centuries-old fight for racial justice and a bitter reminder that such crimes against humanity too frequently continue.

Addressing systemic racism requires steady systemic change to transform the social narratives that define our culture and dictate our behavior toward one another. The repudiating trial testimony of Minneapolis police leadership was an encouraging breakthrough in that regard.

We reaffirm our bottom-up, community-and-individual focus to establish equality and equity in Chicago’s communities of color through the power of truthful storytelling within the microcosms of public safety, public health and public education.

If systemic change is to happen, it is imperative that we as a society have hard, messy conversations that lead to a more just and equitable democracy. Public Narrative has been doing this work throughout the year of George Floyd thanks to your support and that of leading philanthropies and nonprofits. To learn more about advancing social justice and equity narratives through the art of candid conversations visit our YouTube channel

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