“When we’re feeding the youth, we got to feed them with positive energy. We got to feed them with financial literacy. We got to feed them with humility. We got to feed them with a work ethic. We got to feed them with those types of things. We got to feed them with resources, we got to feed them with leaders who come into the communities and show them that anything is possible.”

Shohn Williams
Shohn Williams

Shohn Williams (pictured above) is the Dean of Students at Lindblom Math & Science Academy in Chicago’s West Englewood neighborhood. In the first episode of our new podcast, Our Stories, Our World, he talks with Lindblom student Daniel Animashaun about what public education means to him–illustrated by a photo of an event he organized for Chicago youth, focused on basketball, life and financial skills, and community accountability.

Click here to listen to episode 1 of our first podcast, Our Stories, Our World, featuring Shohn Williams, Dean of Students at Lindblom Academy.

Our Stories, Our World is a youth-led series featuring Chicagoans’ perspectives on public safety, public health and public education. This six-episode podcast is a first-ever collaboration between Public Narrative and A Picture’s Worth, an Ohio-based nonprofit focused on strengths-based storytelling for community change. The series combines audio stories and photography to create a set of citizen-centered podcasts that flip the script on traditional media narratives–uplifting community perspectives rather than focusing on conflict.

Episodes are released every two weeks. Future interviewees include Ald. Rossana Rodriguez, retired Chicago police officer Vanessa Westley, organizer Tynetta Hill-Muhammad, immigrant rights activist Taneka Jennings, and health researcher Dr. Shyam Prabhakaran.

The podcast is available on all platforms. Click here to listen or subscribe, and click here to learn more about the podcast.

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