Public Narrative is back on CAN TV for the local access network’s fall programming line-up after a 13 hiatus of series programming.

Titled “Public Narrative: A Word with Jhmira Alexander,” the show stems from our podcast hosted by our president and executive director. The series is where local visionaries, prominent organizations, and seasoned journalists unite. Together, they craft stories that resonate and advocate for equity and justice. Alexander and the guests aim to redefine narratives and amplify voices that represent the community.

“We hope to continue broadening our connections with community members across all parts of Chicago,” Alexander said. “We use this as an opportunity to lean more into our mission — bridge gaps, amplify hardworking community members, and pay it forward in our own way to the diverse storytellers of our communities. They are why spaces like Public Narrative or CAN TV even exist. They are the ambassadors of narrative change in Chicago.”

CAN TV, or Chicago Access Network Television, has broadcasted many events hosted by Public Narrative, including rebroadcasting and livestreaming our annual Community Media Awards and the Celebration of Change. This new program comes over a decade following a show Public Narrative, formerly the Community Media Workshop, hosted on the local access network that went on hiatus around 2010.

Jhmira Alexander, left, Arkey Adams, center, and Tacuma Roeback, right, on set of the first recording of “Public Narrative: A Word with Jhmira Alexander” in CAN TV’s Studio B. Photo provided.

For the first episode of the season premiere, Arkey Adams, former artistic producer at Lookingglass Theatre, and Tacuma Roeback, managing editor of the Chicago Defender, join host Jhmira Alexander at the table to discuss “Rewriting History.”

You can watch “Public Narrative: A Word with Jhmira Alexander” starting Thursday, Sep. 14, at 7 p.m. and every Thursday night this fall.

Find “Public Narrative: A Word with Jhmira Alexander” on CAN TV19, streaming on, or catch it on the go with the CANTV+ app.

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