Public Narrative, a Chicago media resource organization, longtime CIMA supporter and member,

will operate the media alliance starting February 15

We’re thrilled to announce a significant milestone in the evolution of Chicago’s media landscape. As of February 15, 2024, Public Narrative has officially assumed stewardship of the Chicago Independent Media Alliance (CIMA) from the Reader Institute for Community Journalism (RICJ). This transition marks a pivotal moment in the journey of both organizations and signals a new chapter in the advancement of local journalism.

For over four years, CIMA has served as a vital hub for independent, local, and community-driven media entities, representing more than 80 outlets across the Chicago area. Under the leadership of RICJ, CIMA has played a crucial role in fostering collaboration, advocating for equity, and amplifying underrepresented voices in our community.

Now, as Public Narrative takes the helm, we’re excited to build upon CIMA’s legacy and further enhance its impact. “Stewarding the Chicago Independent Media Alliance is a tremendous opportunity to deepen our engagement with Chicago’s media ecosystem,” said Jhmira Alexander, MPA, President & Executive Director of Public Narrative. “Additionally, it is an honorable responsibility to help enhance the already exemplary media space that is recognized as a growing model for innovation and collaboration in journalism across the country.”

As we’ll have more to share in the coming months, we ask you to join us in embracing this change as we work together to empower Chicago’s media future. Read the full press release below and stay tuned for updates and opportunities to get involved as we embark on this exciting journey.

For general or media inquiries, please reach out to Olivia Obineme, Public Narrative, Director of Journalism and Media Engagement at