Today, Public Narrative proudly announces part two of a collaborative storytelling effort with some of Chicago’s dedicated newsrooms, featuring Borderless Magazine and South Side Weekly. These reports stem from a collaborative effort backed by The Field Foundation of Illinois and Healing Illinois, an initiative led by the Illinois Department of Human Services, to uncover systemic challenges and make pathways toward racial healing.

Borderless Magazine and South Side Weekly are publishing compelling multimedia stories that shed light on the ongoing Migrant Crisis that has seen over 37,000 migrants bussed or flown to Chicago since August 2022.

The two local news outlets delved deep into the crisis that has exposed disparities and tensions within and among Chicago’s diverse communities.

These reports offer insight and foster dialogue, unveiling perspectives of Chicago’s Black and Latine communities and engaging stakeholders, from residents to policymakers, on potential solutions that move us forward.

Stories from the Borderless and South Side Weekly shine a light on the multifaceted migrant and marginalized experiences shaping our city’s social landscape.

Please find the Migrant Crisis stories published today at the following websites:

Borderless Magazine

“After Decades of Disinvestment, Black and Latino Leaders Want ‘Profound Transformation’ Amid Migrant Crisis”

“Chicago’s Longtime Undocumented Immigrants Push Feds for Work Permits: ‘Why Not Us?'”

South Side Weekly

“‘Everyone is Mad at the Wrong People’: Black Organizers Call for Focus and Nuance in the Migrant Crisis”

“Chicagoans and Artists Advocate for Housing Through Printmaking”

On April 22, three other local newsrooms examined the deep scars of Chicago’s segregation —its history, impact, and persistent battle for equity.

Stories from the Chicago DefenderChicago News Weekly and the Investigative Project on Race and Equity, inspired by the Bruce Orenstein-directed documentary series, “Shame of Chicago, Shame of a Nation,” offered a glimpse into the city’s core, grappling with the consequences of divided spaces and unequal access.

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