Voices of Our Time: Laura Washington

Throughout her career, Chicago journalist Laura Washington sees her specialty as covering racial and social justice—but when she started out, that was often seen as a form of advocacy. “And when people would say that to me back then, I would say, why wouldn’t anyone care about racial justice? Why does that make you biased or unfair, because you’re working toward fairness? And now I don’t think people see it that way anymore.”

Voices of Our Time: Natalie Moore

"Life isn't just about what a politician said. It's important to get them on the record, but we also need to get the heartbeat of a city. It's important to get those voices from neighborhoods and communities.”

Voices of Our Time: Dave Hoekstra

Midwest supper clubs, The Staple Singers, and minor league baseball. Newspapers, radio, documentaries, books and blogs. Dave Hoekstra is omnivorous in his approach to journalism, and the kinds of stories he likes to tell.