Chicago Media Guide

We’ve relaunched our Chicago Media Guide!

The Chicago Media Guide is a trusted, comprehensive and up-to-date resource staple listing thousands of Chicago media outlets, journalists, writers and more of the country’s third-largest media market. A first of its kind in 1995, Public Narrative, formerly known as the Community Media Workshop, created the guide to provide nonprofits, communicators, everyday Chicagoans and journalists direct access to a one-stop shop of media contacts throughout the city and beyond.

So why do you need the Chicago Media Guide?

The media landscape has changed drastically since we created the first of its kind locally nearly three decades ago. The Chicago Media Guide was then called "Getting On Air, Online and in Print." It served as "Chicago's communication bible," as many referred to it in its early days.

With the growing polarization of today's society, the spread of misinformation and the attacks on the press, the way we communicate, share and expand the truths of our communities relies on many things including better access to spaces that provide credible and diverse coverage on topics that matter to you.

And what are some of the other reasons the Guide is more important and resourceful than ever?

  • The Guide has thousands of entries that include journalists from radio, television, print and online news organizations.
  • We have phone numbers, emails, Twitter handles from legacy media and hundreds of neighborhood and ethnic media outlets that are a pipeline to so many of Chicago’s rich cultural and ethnic enclaves.
  • All of our information is centralized online, easy to access and updated regularly.

In a changing media landscape, the Guide is a valuable source for you and your story regardless of your role in the media ecosystem.

Now how do you use it?

It's really easy! Just sign up and choose your subscription level — we have free and paid options available. Once you're in, you'll have access to either or both of our databases: individual professionals and media outlets. Explore the profiles, and create custom lists for you to easily access and download through your account.

As we said, it's that simple.

In addition to the Guide, we are proud publishers of the Chicago Independent Media Directory created and managed by the Chicago Independent Media Alliance. If you are a small business seeking media that best aligns with your business values and advertising audience, this is the supplemental directory for you. Explore their new database inspired by the Chicago Media Guide and find the overviews of market volume, frequency, reach, coverage areas, and the type of content produced by more than 80 media organizations local to Chicago.

There is more in store for the Chicago Media Guide and how you can use it to bridge gaps between the media and the stories left untold. Text "JOURNALISM" to 22828 so you're the first to know of any updates to our newly relaunched Chicago Media Guide.

Explore the Chicago Media Guide and let us know how we can continue to improve your experiences in better connecting and sharing your stories.

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