Coronavirus Resources

In the midst of a global health crisis, many industries have necessarily ceased work. But journalism is one part of our society that has not, and cannot afford to stop. Sources of trusted information are more important than ever. So, in this challenging time, we want to ask our partners in journalism and in communities: 

How can we support you?

What resources do you need?
How is your community adjusting to life in the time of Coronavirus?
What stories are being left out of media coverage of Coronavirus?
What journalists and media outlets are you turning to for trusted information about Coronavirus?

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What we're doing

In addition to the resources below, in March we hosted three free webinars, geared towards connecting communities with journalists during this crisis:

Look out for more events like that, and tell us what you want to see more of.

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Mental health resources

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How to reach us in this time

Our small team is working remotely, and available to connect with you by email. We would like to hear directly from you about how we can help and be most supportive. Click here to tell us what we can do, or email us at:

Click here to read a letter on COVID-19 from our President, Jhmira Alexander, from March 31st, 2020.